Sašo + Alja

Let me introduce you to a couple of lovely Slovenian dancers, teachers and organisers. You might have already danced with them at an Encuentros Milonguero or you have listened to Alja’s great musical choice as a DJ. You might have even visited their lovely Festivalito Rural. But what about taking classes with them or presenting Sašo and Alja to your community?

Alja + Saso

This is why I recommend Alja and Sašo:

They are social dancers! I first met them at a Milonga in 2009 and since then, we’ve shared many embraces, intensive encounters and lots of ideas. In 2014 they completed my Tango-Teacher-Training. Back then, Alja and Sašo had already been teaching for many years in Slovenia and several European countries and I have learned as much from them as they from me!

Not only do they love and promote close-embrace tango as much as I do – they are also highly skilled pedagogues. As linguistic scientists, they are used to analysing and presenting every content in a detailed and yet accessible manner.

Alja and Sašo specialise in communication, embrace and musicality and although their dancing does not seem to be very complex at first glance, you’ll be amazed how much even far advanced dancers can learn from them. In their home-town Celje, they have developed a lovely community of close-embrace dancers with whom I love dancing! Isn’t this the best recommendation?

Tango communities need more teachers like Sašo and Alja!

Sašo and Alja offer tango holidays, workshops in your community, dj-services and international events for social dancers in Slovenia. They communicate in English and Slovenian. Sašo also speaks German. See them dancing here and learn more about them here.

If you are interested in working with them, do not hesitate to contact me.