For Dancers

You have taken up tango or are an advanced dancer and want to build up your dancing skills and musicality?

I offer:

  • Group workshops, classes and intensive trainings worldwide: I mostly work with my teaching partner Detlef Engel (see website), but am also be available for workshops on my own or with a graduate from our Tango-Teacher-Training. I focus on technique, communication, improvisation, orchestra styles and musicality.
  • Private classes and trainings: Single private classes, either with me alone or in cooperation with Detlef Engel can take place in our studio in Saarbrücken (Germany) or during my/our travels as teachers or DJ. I am also available for intensive private trainings at whatever location is convenient for you.
  • Private coaching: This can refer to setting a learning goal, developing a training plan and schedule, finding appropriate local teachers or international workshops, finding training partners, finding and getting into great events for social tango…

For further information and prices, please contact me.