DJ Engagements

Engagements 2024

Apart from djing at our local Tangokombinat milongas and at our tango holidays I am going to dj at the following events:

March 1, Madreselva Milonga, Atlanta – USA
March 8, La Tanguedia, Newport News – USA
March 15, tHe Tango Society of Boston – USA
May 3, Tango Next Emerson, Firenze – Italy
June 23, Pequeña by Tangokombinat, Saarbrücken – Germany
July 6, Embrace Norway, Lillehammer – Norway
October 13, FCA by Tangokombinat, Saarbrücken – Germany
November 30, Paradiso Tango Marathon, Heidelberg – Germany

Contact me for further gigs!