More about Melina

Melina Sedó was born in London to a German mother and a Spanish father. She is – like tango – international. Melina has been dancing since her early childhood. After exploring ballet, modern and ballroom dance as well as flamenco she finally discovered tango and fell under its spell.

Melina has a university-diploma (master) in psychology and had been working with young people, their families and the helping institutions for many years before finally deciding to pursue tango exclusively.

Coming from a family of travel agents, Melina has made practical experiences in that field, which helped her a lot in organising conventions (political and leisure activities) and in setting up tango holidays.

Melina started dancing tango in 1995, teaching in 2001 and travelling  internationally in 2006. Together with her teaching partner Detlef Engel she has developed a very personal approach to tango that focusses on the wellbeing in a close embrace, on improvisation and on musicality. They have built a reputation for outstanding pedagogical skills as well as for their special dedication to promote social tango beyond clichés or acrobatics. They are also offering tango-teacher-trainings (TTT) and have produced a comprehensive Book+DVD. Melina‘s skills as an organiser and manager have contributed immensely to the success of their philosophy and the extent of their international network.

Despite their minimalistic style, Melina and Detlef have performed at countless occasions in Europe, the USA and at some of the most renowned Milongas in Buenos Aires. They capture the audience through their puristic elegance, a harmonic authenticity and a highly developed musicality.

Melina (in cooperation her friends of the Tangokombinat) has been organising Milongas, Festivalitos and Encuentros since 2001. They have defined standards in their home region as well as all over Europe.  The goal of these events is to create a unique and friendly ambiance that allows for a harmonic encounter of the couples with each other and the music.

Melina is an enthusiastic student and researcher of tango music and has made a name for herself as a DJ at local and international events.

Melina‘s blog is read by a widespread audience and is on a regular basis updated with posts about tango culture, learning and much more.

As a tango organiser and teacher she has become skilled in setting up and maintaining simple websites, developing publicity material and editing videos. For more elaborate projects she nevertheless chooses to work with trained specialists, like the designer and photographer Thorsten Janes.

In 2011, Melina took up Yoga and completed the first two modules of a 4-part teacher-training. Although she does not plan on becoming a Yoga teacher, this venture has helped her to develop an even deeper understanding for body-mechanics, relaxation and pedagogy.

Melina communicates in English, German, French, Italian and (after a bit of re-activation) in Spanish.