I work either solo, with my partner Detlef Engel or with assistants who have graduated from our teacher training. I specialise in workshops for double role dancers and djs as well as about musicality, but will of course also offer conventional classes. You can invite me to your community or visit one of the workshops that I organise – usually in my hometown Saarbrücken in Germany.

Melina’s 10 Minutes
I have uploaded a mini-series with online exercises for social dancers. You can find them on Facebook and Youtube. The videos are free, but donations are welcome.

Work with Detlef Engel
Please check out our site and our shop with lots of interesting workshops as well as the digital versions of Caminar Abrazados.

Ladies Only Seminars
Intensive work for and with ladies by Melina Sedó & Ramona Steckermeier. Please contact me, if you are interested in inviting us for a weekend.

Do you want to be a follower or a dancer?
In these seminars, we explore our balance and technique, we discover ways to communicate more actively, to develop our musicality as well as the basics of leading. There is a lot of time for eye-opening bodywork based on yoga, spiral dynamics and classical dance. We will also discuss questions like: How can we increase our pleasure in the dance? How can we progress without a partner? We want women to make active choices based on a deeper understanding of this beautiful dance.

We offer a basic seminar and several follow-ups in which we dive deeper into the mysteries of body-work, musicality and leading. The duration of the seminars is usually 9 hours.
We teach in English, German or French depending on the participants and the location of the class.

About my partner:
Ramona is a wonderful young dancer who is equally proficient in both roles. She has been a regular at Encuentros Milongueros for many years. Ramona has graduated from our Tango-Teacher-Training and has been assisting Detlef and me in many classes. In 2015, she took up teaching in Passau, Germany.

This is where have we taught our Ladies Only:
Saarbrücken (Germany), Gütersloh (Germany), Bristol (UK), Oslo (Norway)

Play for me!
Interactive workshops and seminars for aspiring and active DJs

In these seminars, centre-stage goes to on the most important aspects of traditional Tango-DJing: How to structure an evening, how to build up tandas and choose harmonious cortinas, how to distinguish danceable and non-danceable music, how to create a flow in the evening using varying tango styles (lyrical, rhythmic and dramatic) to cater for the different moods of dancers. Depending on the length of the seminar, we will also talk about how to achieve a good sound quality, how to organise your data on your computer, about hard- and software and many more important aspects of dj-ing.
The goal of the work is to design an entire set.

Duration: there are shorter and longer versions of the workshop. A short version will require at least 2 hours, the longest version can take up to 12 hours.

Live Seminars in 2023
The next seminar will take place on January 13-15. Wenn sich genügend Deutsch-sprechende anmelden, findet das Seminar in Deutsch statt.
Please contact me for details.

Online Seminars in 2023
Dates soon.

Language: English or German depending on the participants