For DJs

You plan on becoming a Tango DJ or you have already taken up dj-ing and want to develop your skills?

I offer workshops and private training sessions that focus on:

  • Building a repertoire of classical tangos, milongas and valses.
  • Learning how to build harmonic Tandas, prepare Cortinas and develop an exciting set for a whole Milonga.
  • Distinguishing between different audiences. A local practica has other requirements than an international event.
  • Learning how to research and develop a solid knowledge about tango music.
  • Networking and exchanging knowledge with other DJs.

Please note: I am no expert when it comes to the technical aspects of dj-ing, like sound quality, softwares, systems… I use a combination of iTunes and Embrace on a MacBookPro with an external DAC. Everything that I need is there. If you have got technical problems or questions that go beyond my knowledge in that field, I can set you up with the appropriate experts or invite them to join the training.

For further information and prices, please contact me.