Melina Sedó is a psychologist, blog-writer and book-author, organiser, DJ and teacher who works in two creative fields:
• Argentine Tango
• Fantasy role-playing games

Argentine tango:
Melina started dancing tango in 1995, teaching in 2001 and travelling internationally in 2006. In cooperation with her dance-partner Detlef Engel, she developed a unique teaching method and built up a solid tango career based on high quality standards, authenticity and reliability. Melina works with students all over Europe and the USA, trains tango-teachers, organises local and international events and has produced a book + film that cover the basics of this beautiful dance. Her dedication has helped form a European community of dancers, who cherish the close embrace to traditional music and dance a modern tango, free from pre-defined steps. Melina shares her experience with other tango dancers, teachers, djs and organisers to help them to develop their dance and their communities, to organise great events, to develop their work-related skills and to find students who share their philosophy.

Interactive roleplay:
Melina discovered roleplays in the early 90s and soon started to act as a storyteller in her local club, organise conventions, write for a role-playing magazine and translate source-books from English to German. In 2020, she re-discovered this passion and has recently created an exciting adventure set in 15th century Italy. Read more about her projects here.